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5 HTML and CSS Good Practices - DZone Web Dev


The alt attribute is quite useful. It helps screen reader users understand what is shown in the picture. Unfortunately, many developers don’t use it efficiently. They either duplicate the text around the picture or don’t add it at all.

But we can use alt differently. For example, use t...

Developers often use anchor link to mark up interactive elements. The idea behind this is override the default link using JS and they will get button behavior.

At first glance, this makes sense. But there is a problem. Browsers still think it’s a link & right clicking it open the contex...

When Flexbox first appeared, many people liked the justify-content property, which allowed them to evenly distribute grid items using space-between or space-around. And of course, they began to use it. But there is one problem.

When we use these values, we don’t think that the number of ite...

There is a problem that is especially common with vertical positioning. This is due to the way these properties work. The fact is that the justify-content and align-items properties ignore the size of flex items & they will go beyond its borders and may not be displayed correctly.

For e...

I think many designers and developers like to create animations. Yes, those interfaces look more interesting. But we have to be more careful.

In WCAG 2.2, there is section 2.3.3, which says that some users may experience dizziness, nausea, and headaches when they see animations that trigger...


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