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You would be able to notice a difference between an expert driver and a beginner. The differences are quite small but noticeable. Because of his experience, an expert driver treats and drives the car differently. Beginners might not understand the reasoning behind what the expert driver is doing at first but as they gain some experience in driving, they will be able to understand them. Here, are some driving habits that differentiate expert drivers from beginners.


Driving habits that separate car experts from beginners

Driving habits that separate car experts from beginners



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Using high-beams only if necessary

Most people drive with high beams on because the visibility increases if you are using the high beams. However, they do not think that their high beams will be blinding the oncoming traffic which can be very dangerous for them as well as for you.

Not Riding the Clutch

Riding the clutch means keeping your foot on the clutch pedal while driving. The clutch should either be fully pressed or fully disengaged. Riding the clutch causes excessive wear and tear of the clutch as well as the gearbox.

Beginners ofte...

Brakes Gradually

An experienced driver would always brake gradually.

  • Slamming on the brakes at the last moment leads to excessive wear and tear.
  • If you see that there is a traffic light ahead and it is going to get red t...

Always use rearview mirrors

  • An expert driver would always keep checking his surroundings because it is always a good thing to be aware of what other vehicles around are doing and where they are. Also, he would adjust the mirrors according to him.
  • Instead of doin...

Not using the gear lever as armrest

Many people have this habit of keeping their hands on the gear lever while driving. If you keep applying force on the gear lever, it can damage the transmission in the long run. Also, you should always keep both of your hands on the steering wheel so that you have full co...

Let the engine warm up and cool down

  • You should let the engine reach its optimum temperature. The reason behind this is that the engine is cold and the engine oil also gets settled when the vehicle is not in use. So, it takes some time for the oil to heat up and start lubricating the whole engine.

Don’t rev the engine unnecessarily

An experienced driver knows his car and will not rev the engine unnecessarily. When the engine is running on higher revs it is under more pressure and will be burning more fuel.

Revving the engine also reduces the life of the engine componen...

Not using fast lane of highway unnecessarily

The rightmost lane on the highways is for overtaking, but many people do not follow the rules and choose any lane and just travel at their own speed. This is not a good practice as the person coming from behind will get irritated.

Instead, ...

Know your car

This basically means that an expert driver is aware of the dimensions of the car. An expert driver would know whether his vehicle will fit in parking or whether his car would scrape its underbelly when going over a huge speed breaker, what should do to ensure that the und...

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