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Ideas that can change your life.

Ideas that can change your life.


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The big bang theory

The big bang is the prediction by the scientist that how the universe had been made, once upon a time long years ago ( around 13.5 billion years ) there is a small atom which is rotating too fast that there is a blast in it and we call it supernova after that the energy and matter spread all arou...

Why do some people walk while sleeping?

This is a common dilemma mainly in teens and I also faced this problem that some people walk while sleeping and this problem is not a great issue but if it happens regularly then you have to talk to a doctor, this happens because of stress and it can be resolved by soothing your mind and by medit...

Mind and Music, the beautiful relation.

Have you ever wondered that what happens in our minds when we listen to music? it is a very cool process so let's start. It formats our mind not in a bad way it reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and anger as well as pain so it is a good thing for our mind and some main things are that it increases...

Three characteristics of successful people

Successful people are confident and they have a lot of skills which are as follows:-

1) Risk-taking = They never see that how hard it is or how hard it going to be but they just do it.

2) hard-working = They just believe in themself and they do it. 

3) Patience = they have a lot...

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