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The saying goes “Be careful what you wish for ‘cause you just might get it”. It seems to me that, for social media users, and especially for influencers and followers, there’s a new version: “Be careful what you look for ‘cause you just might find it”.


Social media users seek ‘One-Sided’ relationships to escape lockdown reality, research finds

Social media users seek ‘One-Sided’ relationships to escape lockdown reality, research finds


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One-sided relationships, also known as ‘parasocial relationships’, are blossoming distancing and national Covid-19 lockdowns. A global study of more than 15,000 people in 25 countries from security firm Kaspersky finds that just under half (47%) of social media users beli...

Despite the largely virtual nature of these relationships, many users have sought out direct contact with the influencers they follow, mostly via commenting on their posts (37%) or reacting to their posts or stories (37%).

More than a third (34%) of social media use...

During successive global lockdowns, many of us have spent long periods at home and are turning to virtual companions to replace our lost social lives. This type of one-sided relationship has a strong pull over many lives. More than seven in ten (71%) say that they learn from the influence...

However, social media has been important for many people during the pandemic, with nearly six in ten (59%) worldwide saying social media has provided a vital connection for them during the pandemic. This figure was highest among younger people aged 18-34 (71%), who rely on social...

Although more than half (56%) of people have been on active on social media for more than a decade, many of us are still figuring out how to balance the positives of social media with the negatives. Now, we’ve moved into a new era where virtual relationships are becoming ...

Kaspersky has identified five types of social media persona: 

  • Savvy Socials - who limit their time online and keep posts to a minimum
  • Breezy Posters - they post prolifically over relatively short periods of activity
  • Oversharers ...

To find out what kind of social media user you are, visit Kaspersky’s online quiz:

“It is understandable with the lockdowns we've all experienced over the past year that people will have gravitated towards online and parasocial relationships to stave off loneliness and boredom, but it's crucial that peopl...

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