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Understanding our fears can significantly improve our lives.

Why there is a fear ?

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Fear : Real Or Not

Fear is something that disturbs us more than anything in the world.Fear is very much real but actually there are two types of fear.

Survival Fear

Survival fear is something that already exists.So if there is life threatening situation then the fear in that case is survival fear.However when we carefully observe it then we can see that there is a quick action when you are stuck in such situation.

Mental Fear

Mental fear is something that is created by our mind.Such fear can be of anything or anyone but unlike survival fear,there is no immediate action here rather we are trying to an action related with our fear

.Most important thing about this fear is everyone has it and for most of us it chang...

Survival Fear Vs Mental Fear : Example

Imagine you are in the jungle and you sense some danger then you will immediately do anything that will ensure your safety.This fear is survival fear and notice how immediately we take action in such situation.

Now let's say you have to give a public speech and if you are one of those peopl...

How Shall We Approach Our Fears

Survival fear is our natural instinct and we don't think about it all the time also it is necessary for our survivalWhereas mental fear is something that is created and it can disturb us all the time.So we have to figure out how can we tackle our mental fears.

Mental Fear : Excessive Imagination And Lack Of Action

Mental fear be it Public speaking,taking responsibility or anything is the result of excessive imagination.So why do we imagine so much ? Because our minds don't want to change and so it make up reasons to avoid the activity causing fear at any cost.

So what is the solution ? Stop imagining...

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