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Oddly, our fascination with changing our lives has made us more lonely, unhealthier, and anxious than ever before. The remedy to this state of affairs is easy: make time in your life for genuine pleasure and just do nothing.

Do Nothing

Do Nothing

by Celeste Headlee


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The Cult Of Productivity

Our fascination with productivity is making us depressed, stressed out, and physically ill.

For ages, as if high productivity were what truly counts in life, we have followed ever-increasing milestones. In the end, we just managed to make ourselves sad.

If your to-do lists seem to be getting longer every day, you are trying to optimize your hours, and hoping to find extra hours in the day somehow, you may have fallen victim to the “cult of effectiveness.” 

This is a mentality that assumes that the busier we are the better. And while this m...

We have not all worked as hard as we do today. Even peasant farmers spent fewer hours and they still had more holiday leave than the typical industrial worker! 

In the stage of the Industrial Revolution, though, changes occurred. Factory operators began to pay salaries per hour instead of p...

The consequence of contaminated time is that many individuals never feel at ease. And one of the key disadvantages of new, flexible working hours is this. 

Back when we worked every day from 9 to 5, it was easy to realize when the job finished and our leisure time started. These two realms ...

Things have been very simple so far. We also explored the roots of the productivity cult and examined some of how jobs can “contaminate” our time off and compete with our pleasure.

One of the most significant points about the rise towards productivity is that it left its roots in th...

  • The notion of enjoying “quality time” with family is one way that we can track the penetration of productivity into our personal lives. 
  • There is nothing unusual about having to spend time with loved ones; it is always a satisfying remedy to our normal emphasis on “getting things don...

The overwhelming majority of individuals lived in rural, close-knit neighbourhoods until the Industrial Revolution attracted workers to big cities. People wanted a limited number of close friends, a smaller community of close companions, and a wider network of familiar associates.

Sadly, mu...

The urge to outshine others, if we are not cautious, will find us engaged in a constant competition to be the most successful and efficient individual on the internet. Pointless to mention, this is a fight that we will never win. 

Comparing ourselves with those around us is human nature. It...

If we follow top tier celebrities, some glorified by paid media, we unconsciously convince ourselves that we are not great enough as we associate ourselves with hugely popular outliers like these and that the lives we live are grossly insufficient. 

Learn to base your assessments on...

One of the very few challenges we can address by simply doing little is our single-minded emphasis on competitiveness. Although as simple as it is, what we need to prepare actively is to do nothing.

In addressing our emphasis on performance, the first thing we need to addre...

To enhance your time perception, begin by maintaining a list of your tasks. Log all down, even though it’s just social media surfing. 

When you have a good vision of how you are spending your time, build a plan that outlines how you would like to look at your days. Note, this is a timeline ...

One of the challenges of celebrating success and performance is that these ideals can allow us to lose track of the bigger picture. Not only does a society that emphasizes hard work and busyness convince us to ignore free time; it also allows us to rely on means rather than ends. 

Focusing ...

Examine the “productive” things you do and make sure that they bring you closer to your long-term goals in life. Is looking at emails on a Sunday morning helping you achieve the things you want in life? If not, forget about it.

Once you learn to drop unrewarding tasks, you’ll ...

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