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What we need to do more ?

What we need to do more ?


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What we need to do more ?

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Acceptance : First Step To Achieve Anything

Acceptance means seeing things as it is and stop pretending.It is the first step that we need to take in order to take charge of the situations both worse and best.

We think that we always accept who we are and what we do but actually we don't want to change so we never accept that there is need to change.


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Why We Don't Think There Is Need To Change ?

Need to change comes only when you see things as it is.We want to change but we don't because it does not come from careful observation of ourselves.When we look at ourselves without any bias only then we can see that what needs to be changed about ourselves.


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Pretending = Lack Of Honesty

Another thing that stops us from accepting things is we like to pretend.We think we are perfect and don't need to improve,same goes for those who think that they are worse and can never improve.Actually we are neither perfect nor worse and in order to see that we need to be honest with ourselves.So be honest (at least) with yourself.


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Moving Forward

When you see things as it is and stop pretending then only then you can accept who you are and what you do.

Once you start to accept who you are and what you do then you will see that you have lot to learn but it will not demotivate you because now you you know who you are.From there you can move forward to achieve anything that you can imagine.


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