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Try identifying which categories your thoughts fall into to prevent them from ruining your mood,performance or even relationships.

Does Your Mind Do This Too? | 10 Toxic Thought Patterns

Does Your Mind Do This Too? | 10 Toxic Thought Patterns

Doctor Mike


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When you're dealing with all or nothing thinking you lose sight of a nuance.By using this type of dichotomous vocabulary you lose the ability to describe yourself and even the world.You are not just a pure failure or pure success but actually you are mixture of both.


Have you ever been broken up with, cheated on, ghosted ? Yeah, everyone does.When you're overgeneralizing,you can take those feelings of heartbreak, sadness, and insecurity and think if my partner doesn't love me then nobody could love me.This is a distortion of reality and is not only demoralizi...


Humans love slapping labels on things.However, labeling comes with some risks especially when it comes to evaluating our own performance.It's easy to get a bad grade on a test and label yourself a failure while you may have been on successful there,you can't use that as the official barometer for...

Mental Filters

A mental filter is an opposite to overgeneralization but with the same negative outcome.It's when we take one small negative event and focus on it exclusively.

Essentially mental filtering causes us to silence large swaths of positive information coming our way.In order to fight this and ge...

Jumping To Conclusions

Imagine your walking down the street and you spot someone you know.You go to wave and say hello,but realize they're completely snubbing you.You jumped to the conclusion that this person doesn't care about you,doesn't like you, has no interest in speaking to you.In reality, this person just lost t...


Today we've made our world a much safer place to live in comparison with our ancestors who were hunting in the woods.However, our anxiety still thrives but instead of truth threats We're now reacting to a spider in the tub.Yes, spiders can be dangerous, but 99% of the time the spider crawling up ...

Emotional Reasoning

You're scrolling through Instagram and notice your partner's ex has liked their recent photo.All of a sudden your emotions kick into high gear and you begin to fear your partner's cheating on you.Why would their ex be liking their photo? I knew they'd been talking, they're getting back together,a...

Should Statements

We have these idealized versions of ourselves and others that are often impossible to live up to.We target should statements at people like she should have been nicer, or they should pay me more.We target them at ourselves.I shouldn't have eaten that extra slice of pizza or I should have gone to ...

Personalization And Blame

You pride yourself on being punctual to work.On the day of the big meeting,you get in your car and out of nowhere there's a thunderstorm just as you're turning onto the on-ramp,the big rig in front of you flips over blocking all of the lanes.You wind up getting to work an hour late and miss the w...

Discounting The Positive

Discounting the positive means ignoring genuinely great things that you've achieved.Let's say you have got your dream job but after some time you start to think that how can I achieve more and more without acknowledging what we have accomplished.

We need to recognize that celebrating one's ...

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