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Being wise is what we aspire through self development.Here are some qualities that wise people have.


How to Be Wise - Darius Foroux

How to Be Wise - Darius Foroux


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What Does It Mean To Be Wise

What does it mean to be wise? To me, it has nothing to do with a person’s IQ or degree. A wise person is someone who applies common sense. 

Common Sense Is Not So Common.

That sounds paradoxical, right? Common sense is common after all. It’s about the insights, lessons, and wisdom everyone knows. But the problem is that not everyone applies what they know.Following are some of the qualities that many wise people have in common.

Rely on facts,not assumptions

Most people make assumptions without realizing it. Every time we’re not sure about something, we’re making assumptions.

Most of our assumptions are based on our personal beliefs. The problem is we can’t trust our beliefs simply because they are so subjective.

Instead, rely on facts an...

Think from first principles

Thinking from first principles was coined by the Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

Elon Musk explained this idea in an interview.He gave an example of how people looked at the cost of batteries “People would say, ‘Today it cost $600 per kilowatt-hour, and so it’s not going to be much b...

Read a lot and read widely

We feed our body by eating a food but what about our mind ? This is something not a lot of people take seriously.

Most people’s days consist of work and leisure. Buy At what moment do you nurture your mind? 

It’s when you’re intellect...

Take enough time to make decisions

In our fast-paced world, many people think that smart people are “quick on their feet.” In some situations, it pays off to be a quick decision-maker.

But we often become quick decision makers by first becoming slow decision-makers. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the same pr...

Listen to other people

I find it funny that the most ignorant people have difficulty listening to advice while the smartest people are usually the first to listen to everyone.

Wise people love to learn from others and are always open to different ideas. 

Learn from your mistakes

Wise people see mistakes as lessons.

We all make bad judgments and mistakes. That’s not what matters. How do you respond after you make a mistake ? That’s the key.

Do you use it to learn? Or do you become more risk-averse after every mistake you make? The former will help you grow, t...

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I personally feel a little lost when it comes to identity and sense of self. Here's some basic information if anyone else feels unsteady!



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