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Having self doubt can stop us from doing what we want.Especially the things that we keep postponing like doing a side hustle or starting a new business.Sometimes it even prevent us from doing day to day things.After reading this post you will understand why self doubt arises and how can we silence it once and for all.


Why We Doubt Ourselves - More To That

Why We Doubt Ourselves - More To That



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Self Doubt is both a bug and feature.It can throw questions like “Hey, you. Yeah, you. Will your work ever be good enough?” “Shouldn’t you just give up now and do something else instead?”.However there is utility to it as well.

Self-Doubt is useful because it indicates how important somethi...

The ability to silence Self-Doubt is a superpower, and will be one of the greatest assets you can have throughout your journey.But in order to cultivate this skill, we must first understand the mechanisms Self-Doubt operates under to appear in the first place.If we can get a good look into the ru...

Whenever we doubt ourselves, what we are actually questioning is our ability to meet the expectations of what we think is possible and like it or not, our expectations are built by the possibilities that other people have already reached, or are close to reaching.

After all, we wouldn’t be ...

Three rules that Self-Doubt follows to manifest itself in us are,

Rule #1: Overestimate others’ abilities, and underestimate your own.

Rule #2: Be envious of what others have accomplished.

Rule #3: Make quitting seem like a rational decision


Whenever the gap between what you’re doing and what others have done widens, it will feel natural for you to question your progress, and whether or not you’re making any forward movement at all.

But what’s interesting is that this gap is determined by your perception of where you stand rela...

If the first rule explained why we doubt ourselves in relation to others, this second rule is what internalizes that doubt into something destructive.

Envy has this nasty ability to flare up strongest amongst people you are closest to, primarily because it only appears amongst folks you can...

There will be moments where it feels like no one cares about what you’re making, despite all the energy and effort you’re putting in. It will feel like the only response to your work is a deafening silence that echoes out violently, making you question why you’ve chosen to spend any time on this ...

Only you have access to the behind-the-scenes struggles that come with doing your work. Whenever you compare yourself to others, remember that you’re seeing their finished product, while you’re feeling the pain of each step of the creative process. It’s not a fair comparison, so don’t use it to b...

Envy’s greatest trick is to flare up strongest among the people you’re closest to. Instead of feeling inadequate around the company of your peers, recognize envy as the deceiving little bastard it is, and replace it with gratitude for these people around you. View their life journeys as inspirati...

If you’ve found something you love working on, chances are you want to stay there for a long, long time. So even if you’re not seeing the results you want today, just know that you’re slowly building yourself an on-ramp to future progress. As long as you can view your endeavor through the lens of...

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