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I always used to think that reading more books can solve my problems but recently I realised that it is just one piece of the puzzle.Other pieces to solve my problems are mindset,action and paying attention.


Reading More Books Won’t Make You Successful

Reading More Books Won’t Make You Successful


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There is bunch of content on how you can read a lot of books.Which is a good thing if you don't read at all.

However just reading more books will not make you successful.

There is No Magic Secret

We had this illusion that all those books had this “magic secret” we had to find. Once we find it, everything will change.The day we find this secret, we will get everything we’ve dreamt of our entire life.

But guess what.Your life will not change unless you start taking action.

There is a difference between an active and passive action. Many of us are taking passive actions.This is when we do research. Google things. Read books on the topic. Watch YouTube videos. And take online courses.

Active action is when we actually do something.

Why We Prefer Passive Action Over Active Action ?

If you think you need to read a lot of books to achieve your goal, you’re probably afraid of taking active actions.

You want to hide behind the passive action. You want to hide behind reading books. You tell yourself that unless you read 50 books, you can’t take the first s...

Reading 10 books on how to write an ideal blog post is a passive action.Writing and publishing a blog post is an active action.

Listening to 100 podcasts on starting a business as a passive action.

Building a website,launching it and advertising it is an active action.


Nothing Is Hidden

There is a sayings from a Zen Buddhist monk. It is Nothing is hidden.

What it means is that we often think that there is a secret.That only one person knows how this whole universe works.That you have to pay thousands of dollars to find your perfect guru, your perfect book, the perfect cour...

You don’t need to find the guru or the perfect book, all you need to do is to just pay attention to what’s going on around you.What if you decided to actually use your brain and your attention to find your own truth? 

Let’s take weight loss for example.

Why don’t you ...

So,Shall We Still Read So Many Books ?

You can if you don't have a illusion that reading so many books will not make you successful.

Reading more books can improve your language or your writing (Fiction books are great in this regard).

Also Reading is a great substitute for your screen time.

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What you read can give you access to untold knowledge. But how you read changes the trajectory of your life.



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