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7 Mindless Habits That Are Making You Unproductive At Work


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“So many of my clients are guilty of sitting down at their desks and having their [personal] phone right next to them,” said time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick. “And if a webpage is taking too long to load or they have a few seconds where they are just still, they have this compulsion to ...

“We have this mindless habit of doing whatever it is that pops up in our head, because we don’t want to forget it,” Kornick said. “We tell ourselves it will just take a second, but then one thing leads to the next.”

Kornick recommends creating a “shiny thing list” of off-work tasks to keep ...

Adam Stiles, who invented browser tabs, previously explained to HuffPost that some of us cannot handle the freedom of unlimited tabs: “The invention gives people freedom. Perhaps it gives some people too much freedom.”

If you find 20 open tabs stressful and distracting, use tab organizers l...

“Similar to text messaging, an impulse develops to view incoming updates, and that repeated habit can interrupt focus big-time, as well as cause scatterbrain,” said life coach Shanita Liu.

To break this habit, “set boundaries with teammates so that they know when your focus cannot be interr...

To be a better problem-finder, don’t look for solutions right away. First, ask yourself if solving it is your role, and welcome questions. Menon said an exercise she gives students involves asking them to brainstorm only questions about a problem, so they are “engaged in the process of finding th...

Norma Reyes, a career coach who works with women to help them gain clarity on their next career moves, said one mindless habit she sees professionals repeat is when they believe they have mastered a part of their jobs and get stuck in a “fixed mindset” in which they become more resistant to chang...

7. You schedule unnecessary meetings.

Forty-seven percent of workers surveyed by in 2012 said “too many meetings” was their top workplace distraction. If you have a voice in how your company’s meetings are handled, question why you are having them and solicit regular feedback fro...

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