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We all like new year resolutions but they fail after sometime.Instead you can use "Word of The Year" to achieve what you want this year.


Word of The Year & Why It’s Better than New Year Resolutions

Word of The Year & Why It’s Better than New Year Resolutions



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New Year is a great way to start our journey for achieving what we want.

We want to start exercising or going back to a reading habit.So we set these goals as our new year resolutions.However after sometime we forget them and get back to our earlier behaviors..

There is solution for t...

Word of the year or WOY is an alternative to new year resolutions.As the name suggests it literally means choosing one word and sticking with it for a year.

Choosing one word for all of our goals and ambitions may seem counterintuitive but actually sticking with one word is much better stra...

One word is simple to remember than too many resolutions also it act as a guide for taking action in every situation.

Let us understand with the word "Committed"

So if you want to start new business then the word committed will force you to do so even if you are not ready or if you wa...

It depends on what goals you are trying to achieve and what type of person you needed to be to achieve such goals.

Identify the qualities of that person (you want to be) by brainstorming,writing it down,or going on a walk with such thoughts.

See which word feels the best to you and ma...

When you think you don’t know which word to choose then this is just your brain trying to hide.

Choose the word that seems to work for now.We don't want the perfect word we want the word that feels best and you can always adjust it next year.



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