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Vedic knowledge : Distance between Sun and Earth

Vedic knowledge : Distance between Sun and Earth

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What Is The Secret Is Written In Hanuman Chalisa ?

What Is The Secret Is Written In Hanuman Chalisa ?

  • Hanuman chalisa was composed by great saint and poet Goswami Tulsidasa. He was a great devotee of Lord Ramachandra who lived in the 16th century.
  • Hanuman chalisa holds great importance is very revered and sacred not because it Is a praise of shri Hanuman but also because tulsidasa has written some Of the great life lessons in it .
  • Of all of the greatness hanuman chalisa gave Certain facts even before it's scientific discoveries.


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Mordern Calculation

Mordern Calculation

Average distance between sun and earth = 92 million miles =149 million Kms

However , the orbit of the earth is not a perfect Circle, but an ellipse. Sometimes the earth is closer to the sun sometimes it is farther.

  • shortest time between sun and earth = 91 million miles = 147 million Kms (early January)
  • Longest time between sun and earth = 94 million miles = 152 million Kms (early july)


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Calculation In Hanuman Chalisa :

Calculation In Hanuman Chalisa :

Hanuman, in his childhood assuming the sun to be a ripe mango, jumped to Catch it . Tulsidasa recounts this incident in hanuman chalisa as follows :

Yuga-sahasra-yojana para bhanu leelyo tahi madhura phala janu

( considering the sun to be a sweet fruit, hanuman jumped to swallow it )

  • Yuga = means the sum of four yugas, that are satiyuga, tretayuga, dwaparyuga and kaliyuga
  • 1 satiyuga = 4800 Years , 1 tretayuga = 3600 years , 1 dwaparyuga = 2400 years , 1 Kaliyuga = 1200 years
  • 1 yuga = 4800 + 3600 + 2400 + 1200 years = 12,000 divine years
  • Next is sahasra (सहस्र) is common sanskrit word For '1000 '


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<p><strong>yojana</strong> is ...

yojana is vedic measure of distance and approximately equals 8 miles. And 1 mile = 1.60934 kilometres

yuga-sahasra-yojana = 12000 × 1000 ×8 = 9,60,00,000 miles

According to the calculation presented in hanuman chalisa : distance between sun and earth = 12000 × 1000 × 8 = 96 million miles = 153.6 million kms which is much closer to the calculation of morden scientists.

  • It is surprising to note that Tulsidasa who lived in 16th century could give the most accurate estimation that is Very close to the estimation by 20th century astronomers.


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Shrila Prabhupada Writes In One Of his Purports :

Shrila Prabhupada Writes In One Of his Purports :

  • Morden scientific calculations are subject to change after one and another, and therefore they are uncertain.
  • We have to accept the calculation of Vedic literature. This vedic calculation are steady ;
  • The astronomical calculations made long ago and recorded In the vedic literature are correct even now.


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