10 habits that will ruin your happiness. - Deepstash
10 habits that will ruin your happiness.

10 habits that will ruin your happiness.


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10 habits that will ruin your happiness.

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Constantly Comparing Yourself With Others

Comparing ourselves to others is not a good thing because we all are different from each other and if you wanna know how you are different then just take your fingerprint which is different from the whole world. We are humans and we all just starve to put our best face forward.


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Not Appreciating What You Have.

No matter what is your life situation, just be grateful for everything you have like the breath you take the body you have the life you have. This will distract your focus from the thongs that you don't have. And in one world this term is known as gratitude.


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Letting Fear Or Hate Control You.

Our brain is programmed that it can secure us from fears or harm. But sometimes fears are just cross their limit and then because of fear of failure, we couldn't pursue our aim. The same goes with hate also, Allowing ourselves to be consumed by anger just mires us in cynicism and animosity.


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Focusing On The Past Or The Future

Focusing on your past or the first is a time waste once you set your goals then start working on them. Lemme shares a quote " yesterday is a past, tomorrow is a future, but today is a gift, that's why it is called present." Researches show that people who focus on the present are likely to be happier than people who focus on the past or the future.


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Getting Caught In The blame Game

Blaming people is a.m destructive habit, by doing this we are quitting accountability of our feelings and actions. We shift feeling to someone else because we don't want it to be our fault. We think we are free of any blame or fault on us, but in reality, we've put our image down in front of different people. Our value will become less by this.


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Fixating On Your Possesions

That expensive car or watch or anything will not make you happy if your budget is tight. Lemme tell you a thing you can buy a bed with money but you can't buy sleep with money, that means the money can't buy anything. So don't be dependent on your money.


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Surrounding Yourself With Toxic People

If tou want to be happy just break your relationship with these toxic people because they suck the joy from your life. They creep you like what if you will fail and try, make real friends and areal friend is that who want you to grow at every step, it is impossible to find these type of people but you can find so continue your journey.


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Letting Procrastination Wither Your Ambition

We all put excuses but do you think that is why you are not able to keep your promises to yourself your mind, you promised your mind that after five years you'll be that kind I person whose bank account looks like a phone number. Wanna get that ? If yea that just stops making excuses and starts working hard than ever.


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Being Your Own Worst Critic

We believe we must set high expectations and be hard on ourselves when we fall short. After all, self-criticism is necessary to identify your flaws and perfect your craft. There is some truth to the importance of being self-aware of areas that you need to work on. A bloated ego will get you nowhere fast. But constantly beating yourself up or putting yourself down isn’t helpful either. Negative self-talk will only hurt you and keep you from realizing true happiness


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When there is raining you have to look up for seeing the rainbow, but if your head is down then you won't be able to see it. Understand the meaning


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