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How to increase your IQ?

How to increase your IQ?


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How to increase your IQ?

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What is IQ level?

IQ ( intelligent quotient ) is the measure of someone's intellectual intelligence and potential. This can measure critical thinking, problem-solving, alertness (like if any problem is given to that person unexpectedly), and many more fields.Ā 


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Things that your IQ depends on

  • Parental IQ
  • Homelife
  • Genes
  • Parenting style
  • nutritionĀ 
  • education


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Activities that can boost your IQ level.

  • Memory activities
  • Executive control activities
  • Visuospatial reasoning activities.Ā 
  • Ā Relational skills
  • Musical instruments
  • New languagesĀ 
  • Frequent readingĀ 


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Memory activities

Memory activities can help to improve not only memory but also reasoning and language skills. some of them are listed below.Ā 

  • Jigsaw puzzlesĀ 
  • crossword puzzles
  • concentration card games/card matching.Ā 
  • sudokuĀ 


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Executive control activities

Executive control is the ability to control complex cognitive activities. there are some of the activities that can help you:-

  • Scrabble
  • Pictionary
  • red light, green lightĀ 
  • Brainteasers


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Visuospatial reasoning activities

Visuospatial reasoning involves the mental processes related to physical representations. There are some activities which can help you out:-

  • Mazes
  • Point of view activities
  • 3 - D model
  • Unfolded prismĀ 


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Relational skills

Relational Frame Theory relates to the development of human cognition and language through relational associations.Ā There are some activities which can help you out:-

  • language learning booksĀ 
  • Object comparisonsĀ 
  • amount comparisons.Ā 


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Musical instruments

You donā€™t have to become the next famous musician to benefit from learning a musical instrument. OneĀ studyĀ found that musicians have better working memory than non-musicians. In this, every time your brain has to think about which key should t press.Ā 


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New languages

AĀ recent study trusted Source investigated the relationship between early language learning and IQ. The results indicated that language learning through talk and interaction from 18 to 24 months was most beneficial for cognitive outcomes later in life. generally, a person needs 6 months to learn a language.Ā 


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Frequent reading

Thereā€™s no denying howĀ beneficialĀ books are in human cognitive development. In fact, the benefits of development are even more pronounced when books become part of parental bonding activities. Books can help you in a lot of factors in life.Ā 


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The harder the battle the sweeter the victory.Ā 


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