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In these ideas, I've written almost everything about the sleep that we have in our relaxed nights.


The 4 Stages of Sleep

The 4 Stages of Sleep


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In general, there are two types of sleep REM ( REM means dream ) and NREM. REM is the one in which you'll b able to see the dreams and there is only 1 stage related to it. NREM means Non-REM in which you'll not be able to see dreams and there are 3 stages related to this type of sleep. They all m...

Entering sleep

Using an electroencephalogram (EEG), scientists are able to see different changes in the brain start happening as the person falls asleep. During the first stage, you're partially awake but in the thi...

Stage 1: The 1st NREM

The first stage of the sleep cycle is the transition period from wakefulness and sleep. This stage lasts for 5-10 minutes. In this, you're partially awake. During stage 1 you're brain:-

  • Slows down
  • Your heartbeat, eye movement, and breathing slows with it
  • Your body relax...

Stage 2: The 2nd NREM

According to some studies almost all the people spend 50% of their sleep time in this Stage 2 NREM. It lasts about 20 minutes. During stage 2 sleep:-

  •  You become less aware of your surroundings
  • Your body temperature drops
  • Your eye movement stops
  • Your breathing a...

Stage 3: 3rd NREM

This is the deepest sleep of your sleep time (lemme give you an idea in this sleep even an alarm is not able to break your sleep and wake you up). During 3rd NREM:-

  • Your muscles are totally relaxed.
  • Your blood pressure drops and breathing slows
  • You progress into your de...

Stage 4: REM

This is the final stage and in this stage finally, you get your dreams. in this stage your voluntary muscles become immobilized. REM sleep begins approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep. At this time:-

  • Your brain lights with activity
  • Your body is relaxed and immobilized


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