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After watching After Life S1 on Netflix, I was just blown back at how deeply it affected me. The show switches between being a full-on makes-me-want-to-cry show and the best comedy show. It has a wonderful cast of characters, with events that either try to teach us a lesson or make us genuinely burst out laughing. Felt I had to share some of the joy and value I got from the show.


Watch After Life | Netflix Official Site

Watch After Life | Netflix Official Site


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After Life Thoughts

After Life, on Netflix, tells the story of Tony, a man who lost his wife to breast cancer. It juxtaposes his immense grief with his bright and witty humour. There are some valuable lessons to learn from it...


Happiness is amazing. It's so amazing, it doesn't matter if it's yours or not.


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.


We're not just here for us. We're here for others. All we've goth is each other. We've got to help each other struggle through till we die and then we're done.


Even though I'm in pain, it's worth sticking around to maybe make my little corner of the world a slightly better place.

It's not just about you

I think the beauty of the show lies in the lessons it tries to teach you. We learn through Tony that although life might be a rats' nest of misery, we can still help others. We can strive to do our bit, for the simple reason that others feel better because of it,

Humour is pure

Tony suffers so much, and is sarcastic almost always. However, it's really this that allows him to connect with people. He's not just using humour as a shield to deflect any emotions. In the beginning he is, but we start seeing how humour can be used to cope, to actually deal with our iss...

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