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sometimes cartoons teach us valuable life lessons when most think its just a waste of time. as for me i cannot follow self help or motivational books much, for me animes with a strong sense of life has always helped me push forth through my life in my anxiety filled days. so please don't consider them a wastage instead if its possible, every person, of any age should watch Naruto at least once.


5 Lessons Taught by Naruto

5 Lessons Taught by Naruto



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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Since the start Naruto always dreamt of becoming the Hokage, the strongest shinobi in the village, and he achieved his dream and became the Hokage. But it was not a smooth ride, he and his friends had gone through numerous hardships and yet they never gave up on their dreams. They trained day and...

Believe In And Protect Who Are Dear To You

Every single character in Naruto protects everyone they love and also can go to any extent to protect them. We should treasure all our loved ones and never let them down at any cost. Our loved ones will always be our support pillars and we need to protect them at all costs.

Every Evil Person Can Change If They Are Willing

Every evil person was once on a righteous path and kind at heart and always ready to make a difference in everyone’s life, but because of any terrible injustice or worse circumstances they lost faith on a righteous path. But deep down there is always a right conscious lying inside waiting to get ...

Hard Work Beats Talent

You might have heard that you don’t need a talent, but how determined and how much you are ready to put your might in process matters. Talent just give you an edge towards your goal but your sheer habit of pushing yourself helps you to reach your goal.

That’s what shown by Rock Lee who lack...

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I have been watching anime for 16 years and have watched tons of them. They aren't just animation meant only to entertain ourselves in our pastimes, they also carry important life lessons with deep meanings which are essential for both the younger and older audience. I have shared some of my most favourite quotes alongwith the main article so that everyone can get a taste of the huge anime community and how much one can learn from it.



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