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Why of Blogging

Why blogging is good for you

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Why You Should Start A Blog

Instead of talking about how to start a blog I should better talk about why to start a blog and after reading this you will surely love to start a blog.

This will fulfill the drive to hustle

More work means more productivity

More engagement

More learning

More writi...

Improves Writing

When I started my blog on WordPress I didn't know these benefits that I see after writing 24 posts on my blog in last one year

I feel I became better at writing new posts everytime and feel that my writing has greatly improved.

Blogging also gives a direction to the thoughts we have i...

Conjecture And Reality

I now feel technology is easy to handle but writing a new post in a week is hard. But if you manage that weekly post you are through.

Blogging helps you to come out of fairy tales that things are easy. When you start blogging you eventually like it but you also realize that you are doing a ...

Gives New Dimension To Your Thought Process

Calmness, thinking ability and ideation are important human traits. These can be built as well with the help of blogging. It provides ways to access new dimensions of the same ideas and view them from different angles. It helps produce multiple answers for a question and choose the best outcome b...

Helps Build A Website

This is an important thing to discuss. Nothing starts big and things always start with an idea. Many great businesses where build on simple ideas and when you live in a world where youwritten post can reach every corner of the world. It is possible to start a new business and go with what you lov...

Improves Attent

After starting a blog I am able to choose and select what is next in the line with my writing routine. Blogging has increased my attention and decreased my time wastage in nonserious stuff. It also helps you to stay engaged in building new ideas to write about. It makes you feel better as you pas...

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Have you ever wondered if chewing gum was actually good for you? Well, I have, and I decided to write an article all about it! Luckily, you guys can enjoy these facts just as much as I do! - Emerald Reads



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