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Understanding ONDC - the next UPI?

Understanding ONDC - the next UPI?



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Digital World

We are going through a digital revolution. Startups are coming up with amazing ideas to change what was normal recently by making it different and easy. It was expected that delivery can be easy but apps like dunzo made it time bound and from your neighbourhood stores. It was difficult but they a...

Easy Access

What about if i tell you a neabuy store in your locality can deliver your favourite things to your home in a given timeline and that even efforlessly. Online businesses like Dunzo, E-samudaay are doing this now in India. These platforms are taking digital revolution too far and making things go g...


Now this onboardong of retail businesses is so fierce that most of the online platforms have onboarded similar businesses. But then on board different delivery options as well. This is a good step towards making these retail business accessible, visible and reachable.

What Is Yet To Come

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is expected to spread the retail business presence throughout the plateforms. The commerce ministry is spearheading the initiative and the entity i.e. ONDC is structured as a non-profit organization with about 150 crores in funding.

Final Words

This is all being done for the benefits of consumers as well retailers. Consumers will have more choice and retailer will have more customers only if they can be in competition to others. This will benefit both parties and government ad well. This ONDC is really looking like the future of busines...

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