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Article explains niche entrepreneurship in details and gives glimpses of how to build one


Niche Entrepreneurship

Niche Entrepreneurship


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Silicon Valley Vs Mittlestand

Researchers verify that silicon valley or tech-driven startups are not the only option to choose. Mittlestand or hidden champions or niche which are local business who survived many crashedms can be a better option as everybody cannot be an innovator.

Who Is A Nichepreneur

Who Is a NichePreneur : Any person doing business in a unique product. In simple terms when a product is chosen from a big industry or business and brought to market in a way that people recognize as unique. Any product with low competition and least known brands can be a niche ...

In this age of innovation and start-ups why not choose a niche. A niche can grow faster with less risk of competition, investment, change, acceptability and others. Niche provides easy ways to grow with confidence.

What Is Better With Niche

Innovations help the product created by nichepreneur to reach ultimate success. The turmeric powder which everybody sees as normal, people make tea, ointment and medicines out of it. As I said, innovations are limitless, and people create new products even out of waste.

Can I Be The One

Yes any one can be a NichePreneur. The only condition is your mental presence to look for opportunities and work on them. It was power of observation which led to multiple designs for products in various sports activities, exercises, diet, clothing and many more

Any Ideas Where To Start

Depends where your interests lie. If for example you are interested in sports and want to build a new product. You must brain storm every aspect of that industry to trace that one problem where you can give solution and it will let you be the NichePreneur. It may be a minute problem but you will...

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Helps you understand the power of entrepreneurship and ideas



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Incubation centre's are prime source of information for students regarding startups and innovation



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With the ever consistent change in the world including, and especially technology, its time to set our eyes on the Metaverse and take a closer look at what the future has in store for us.



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