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Imbalance in life

Imbalance in life


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Imbalance in life

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Parents - children, husband - wife, teacher - student, money giver - money taker, abuser - punisher , good- bad etc are like white & black and they exist independently, howeverone can effect another but doing so, another do not get right to effect the same away.


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‌Children are born through their parents, not from them. Parents do not have right to manipulate them or abuse them at will, they owe their existence because of sex. Children do not owe anything from parents, they didn't ask to be born. Children can irritate their parents due to their habitual behavior and parents should not punish them.


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Husband and wife need to be happy independently without asking other one to make them happy. Being sad is not an excuse for ruining a relationship, one needs to be happy himself first and then bring the happiness to the relationship. Likewise, cheating does not permit the benefits of cheating back and being normalised. You can't keep the balance by treating what you are being treated if it is in negative way.


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Teacher can abuse their students but student can't abuse or fight back. The temperament of the student during heated argument is more important than the knowledge of the student. Teacher may be ill educated or misbehaving but the student should respect him at all cost. If a teacher is unable or not willing to give knowledge to the student, he can not be judged as poor teacher. But a student who don't perform his duty such as respecting teachers and seniors, studying well, making efforts in his goodwill then he is a poor student.


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Giving money to a person doesn't make you superior, neither the money taker become inferior. If the money taker doesn't return money on time, it doesn't permit you to abuse or misbehave with him.


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