A character trait of maturity. #shorts - Deepstash
A character trait of maturity. #shorts

A character trait of maturity. #shorts


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A character trait of maturity. #shorts

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Whenever we think about a person who is matured, the first thing that we imagine about that person is:

  • The person has a lot of patience
  • The person gives time for his or her thoughts to process.
  • Then comes to a decision
  • And then speaks accordingly.


56 reads


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An aspiring Doctor striving towards the path of righteousness.⚕🦷 Check out my latest music release on spotify!⬇️


Some simple steps that we can ponder about and apply in our daily lives to improve ourselves.


I read this book in the year 2018 when I stumbled upon an ESL and a self-improvement mentor by working for him as his content writer for his blogs, providing show notes for his podcast and rewriting his English as a second language teaching materials. Despite Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, a self - development publishing company and hosting Awesomeness Fest event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is controversial man, but his book did make some sense to think about conventional thoughts that we were taught since we were growing up.

I've added all the essential exercises mentioned in the book in the stash below. These mindful exercises and certain questions which you can ask yourself are indeed a gem and definitely must be included in your existing mindfulness practice or journaling habit for a more enhanced overall development. A ONE-STOP SOLUTION INDEED!