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8 Traits of Very Successful People

8 Traits of Very Successful People


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8 Traits of Very Successful People

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8 Traits Of Very Successful People

  • These are 8 of the most common traits found in the most 'successful' people across hundreds of domains 
  • Success is subjective - everyone has a different definition of success but in this case, success is defined as achieving your 'work and life goals'
  • There's more to success than just some guidelines.

Unfortunately, there is more to it, otherwise, being successful would be relatively easy. However, internalizing these points will position you in the right direction, with a good mindset, and placing you in the top percentile, will be a great starting point to achieving your goals


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1. Persist until you succeed

Persistence is enormously important.

Without persistence, you will likely never achieve the success that you are looking for. Most success that we see today is the result of countless hours and failures which required massive amounts of persistence to push through and eventually see results


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2. Serve others something of value

If you are focussing completely on yourself, you are probably doing it wrong.

Success in this sense requires providing very large amounts of value to other people and attempting to increase this value as much as possible


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3. Always strive for improvement

Always improving is very important to focus on because as humans, we tend to get comfortable and stuck in our ways. 

Understanding this can help us to remember to always keep moving while consistently improving and expanding our knowledge/ skills


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4. Come up with new ideas

The act of thinking is very important.

This may sound silly but not many people actually stop and think about things. Thinking with a clear mind which can be achieved through things like meditation, helps us to come up with new ideas and expand on old ones 


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5. Always push yourself

Push yourself in ways such as: always trying new things, doing things that you are scared to do, having difficult conversations, and acting on your goals


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6. Focus intensely on one thing at a time

Focus is required to get very good at something. Without focus, we are distracted and are not in a deep work state. Being focused and in a deep state is essential for getting ahead of your goals and competition 


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7. Work hard and smart

People always say to 'work hard' or to 'work smart' but the real answer is to combine them.

Hard work WILL be required but if it isn't directed to the most important things, it will essentially be wasted time


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8. Be passionate about what you do

Being passionate about what you do is necessary because without passion you won't have a  desire to jump out of bed and get to work, you'll have a lack of motivation, your work will be sub-par, and you will probably give up eventually 


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