Types of Start-up Ideas: My perspectives - Deepstash
Types of Start-up Ideas: My perspectives

Types of Start-up Ideas: My perspectives


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Types of Start-up Ideas: My perspectives

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Ideators And Their Types

We all know about the one guy who has an idea. We always seek advice and we expect surprising suggestions to work out any problem from that person. Sometimes people who want to start a business seek suggestion for business ideas. Companies around the globe use various methods to identify new ideas.


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Ideations And Discu

The same mantra goes with start-ups and start-up ideation. Any person who is planning to start his own business might start early and think about what he can start. I have heard hundreds of people asking “can you suggest me an idea of what to do in this particular situation”. Discussion is a global practice and discussion’s help in bringing the best ideas out.


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Two-minute noodle-type idea

These ideas emerge in classrooms and some other places. While holding brainstorming sessions with kids and university student such ideas emerge very fast and make us laugh sometimes. Good ideas can also emerge but, they look very raw due to the least time spent on making them better.


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Great ideas:

It is true that with great minds, great ideas emerge. Great ideas can never be the result of two-minute thinking. These ideas are flawless and people of that category are serious types. When Elon musk thought of sending people to mars and creating a private rocket company or creating a satellite network for everyone. People were not able to understand any of this. But it is the great minds who work out these ideas. Such type of ideas emerges out of great hard work, time and human strength.


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Alien-type ideas

These ideas emerge in different situations and from those who are either not serious or not interested in a problem or highly interested with lack of awareness. They may also emerge as an inspiration from a movie or drama or some emotion. They are also part of mental strength and imaginativeness. Sometimes people take their imagination to such a height where it becomes difficult to take it seriously.


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Relatable ideas

These ideas are relatable to situations and people come up with new such ideas. For example, waste management is a problem and many people, as well as agencies, are working on it. But individually many people are doing great work as well.


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I don’t know how to explain, but this is related to immediate issues and most of these ideas are very focused. These ideas are from real entrepreneurs who have committed themselves and their time to start-ups or their businesses. Focussed ideas are based on the commitments that people make to complete.


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I love teaching entrepreneurship, blogging, personal finance and start-ups. I am also a blogger, skill share teacher, start-up mentor and hustler. I like to see world differently and want to do many things in this short span of one life.


Hey folks, these ideator types will make you think, what type you are