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Trajectory: Start-up Ideation to Product/Market Fit

Trajectory: Start-up Ideation to Product/Market Fit


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Trajectory: Start-up Ideation to Product/Market Fit

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“Don’t waste the next 24,960 hours of your work life on a dumb-ass idea. That’s eighty hours of work. Every week . For the next six years of your life. You can’t get that time back. Ever. And according to the statistics, 75 to 90 percent of startups will fail. You shouldn’t be a statistic”!


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Trajectory as per the author is the path which an entrepreneur follow while achieving his entrepreneurial goals. It takes you from idea to market to funding to go and no go stage.


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Author says start with a unique and strong idea not anything. Your idea should not make you uncomfortable after a few years of hardwork.


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The author says there can three-person; one is who has many ideas but does not start, second is a person who has one idea but holds on until it fails. the third is one who has many ideas but wants to dig deeper before initiating one and the author approves this as the best of the strategies.


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The why of a start-up is important. We have been made to believe this fancy word but it is really time-consuming. Companies that we know do not become overnight success it takes years of preparation, hard work and preparedness to raise that first round of funding. It is a time taking process from launch to scale. You can understand the process through this figure. It shows where you start and when you scale. Many start-ups that fail to get a vision mission in the initial time, identify the same in the later years.


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To learn more about startup journey go to link and read from the source.


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I love teaching entrepreneurship, blogging, personal finance and start-ups. I am also a blogger, skill share teacher, start-up mentor and hustler. I like to see world differently and want to do many things in this short span of one life.


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Product-market fit doesn’t always mean that every collection you release sells out in seconds. But it does mean that people find out about your store by word of mouth, or that you have a steady stream of customers and sales, or that your product solves a problem within a larger, lucrative market. Let us find out what product-market fit is, how to prove your product concept, and how to use marketing and customer feedback to find it.

If you’re struggling to find a product/market fit, figure out what “looks like food” to your prospects. Find the language/market fit first and everything else will be much easier.