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How To Become 1% Better Every Day

How To Become 1% Better Every Day


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How To Become 1% Better Every Day

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Define What "Better" Means To You

The term "better" is different for everyone, so the first step is to find out what better means to you and you can do so this by asking these questions yourself:-

  • How much money do you have in the bank?
  • Where do you work?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • How do you feel?
  • What are your goals and how could you achieve them?


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Examine Your Old Habits

Once you've found your "better" it's time to examine your old habits see it's easy to get 1% better every day but it is also easy to not get 1% better every day putting $20 in savings is easy but spending those extra $20 is also easy which means you've to push yourself to do the right thing.


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Hard work will never betray you. It will pay off one day.


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Be Patient and Trust the Process

Seeing losing motivation is common; most people lose it, but our goal is to be better by 1% every day. Sometimes, you'll start your day with your full potential by doing something great - whether reading a book or learning a language, but some days you'll feel like "what's even the point of doing this?". Your success is determined by those small actions that you do every day which are called habits.


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Just remember why you've started the journey.


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Your success is waiting for you

The beautiful thing about achieving success is that you don’t get there by trying twice as hard or making some sweeping change in your life. You just focus on being 1% better today than you were yesterday. In just a year, you’ll be 37 times more knowledgeable, and 37 times closer to your goals.


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Your dreams are given to you for a reason.


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