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The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar

The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar


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The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar

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Don't Stop

The author highlights the significance of revision and resubmission for a researcher. Additionally, once you receive a rejection or RandR, revise it to address the comments. Because you won’t be able to begin again once the ball stops rolling. According to the author, working with motivated peers accelerated my learning and work pace.


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Papers In Loop

The author advises always keeping three or four papers in the loop. Some papers are being reviewed, some are in RandR, and some are being worked on by you. This is important since you like the process of conducting new research. Journal comments provide you with useful learning opportunities.


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Research Opportunities

There are numerous ways to identify research opportunities. But according to the author, pimarily it is the idiosyncratic knowledge that researchers hold. The strength of the available resources is what shapes the study idea. Recombination’s, pro-social and intrinsic motivation, research self-efficacy, and experimentation are all tools that researchers can utilize to create new research opportunities. New theories, new approaches, and novel combinations that close significant gaps in our knowledge of the entrepreneurial phenomena can be used to provide such opportunities.


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Another useful strategy for locating research opportunities is bricolage. According to the author, he went two days without internet access, but during that time he was able to go through his files and find old papers that he integrated to create a new research that is currently in the RandR phase.


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Small Victories

Small victories can now be used to increase self-worth. Self-efficacy has been demonstrated to be an excellent technique for improving research. According to the author, publishing with a B encourages you to publish in A, where 92% of manuscripts are outright refused. Small victories at conferences, like publishing a paper, can increase self-efficacy. A further crucial step is to use various methods to look for publications.


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Revision To Resubmission

Rejection has a very negative connotation, and receiving a rejection letter makes us feel awful. But according to the author, every rejection comes with a few criticisms or comments that can help you improve your performance. After going through a RandR, you must revise your paper, address any concerns, and resubmit it.


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Your Contribution

An effective technique to make a paper publishable is by working with seniors. Giving credit to this senior faculty member after your 300 hours and your coauthors’ 5 hours may seem challenging, but most of the time it is their remarks that make it acceptable to a journal. Such factors contribute to research confidence.


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