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The power of Focus by Richard Johnson

The power of Focus by Richard Johnson


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The power of Focus by Richard Johnson

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A well rested body is the primary requirement:

Focus and attention are improved by getting enough physical and mental rest. How you rest affects your ability to focus. Your relaxation won’t be complete if you try to fall asleep with music or a video playing. A typical person need 7-8 hours of sleep per day. An adequately rested body may function efficiently in both easy and challenging circumstances. According to Rich Johnson, a body that is well rested is the only one that can work and concentrate.


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Early riser is a winner

Always get up early if you want to concentrate, come up with new ideas, and think creatively. Focusing is best done in the mornings. I personally blog in the morning, which really motivates me to make the most of the rest of the day.


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Health Is Wealth

Your health will suffer if you go three days without eating, or even just one day. Leaving breakfast can be a risky move for your physical and mental growth. A nutritious breakfast can considerably boost your day’s energy. People also enjoy coffee for breakfast since it uplifts their spirits.


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Perfect Meal

The wrong meal simply makes things worse and reduces attentional capacity. If you want to focus properly, it’s essential to eat things that will keep you active throughout the day. For a productive day of work and focus, food that contains carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients is necessary.


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When t home feel homely

For anyone, home is the ideal setting. We experience safety, affection, and admiration at home. For some people, it may be different. Your sleep schedule and wake-up time are impacted if you find it difficult to fall asleep at home or if you don’t feel homely at home. Your ability to focus and being productive is affected by all of this.


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Exercise a bit

There are numerous publications you can read to learn more about the advantages of exercise in your life. This should not be disregarded. The 30-minute routine, whether done in the morning or at any other time, considerably enhances a person’s disposition and capacity for concentration.


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Saying NO should be easy

saying “no” when you don’t want to go, eat outside, and a variety of other things. All these need your your big NO if you don’t want to. Saying no helps in various ways to increase your mental strength and self belief. If you are working and you don’t have time, you should say “no” whenever you want.


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