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Power of Silent/Calm mind

Power of Silent/Calm mind


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Power of Silent/Calm mind

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The silent mind is intuitive

When all the thoughts and the nonsense that’s going in our head stops, then intelligence automatically comes into play. If you can remain calm under pressure then the answers come automatically and clearly. that's what the major competitive checks about us, if we are calm at that time then not even god can stop us.


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The silent mind is ready

When your mind is silent then you’re properly into the present moment, this quality makes the silent mind ready mind( even after a sudden stimulus).


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The silent mind is a beginner's mind

when we learn something new (and get a release of dopamine), then most of the time Ego builds up and we all know that ego is BAD, now because of ego, expectations all get triggered that we’ll get dopamine again (and we all know that expectations are far away from reality). That’s why the silent mind wins here, because in his book “Zen mind a beginner’s mind”, Shunryu Suzuki says that the secret of mastery is a beginner's mind, and the ultimate goal for a master (in anything) is to have a beginner's mind attitude so that he/she can learn every basic concept with full concentration, and enthu.


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The silent mind Flows with ease

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche stated “Amor Fati”, Amor means to love and Fati means fate, this means that “everything is going so well that we’re loving doing it” when there’s love there’s no complaint/objection, when there’s no objection then everything becomes easy and when we do those easy things with love we become a great person.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, be in love — Rumi


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The silent mind is powerful

When your mind is silent, your attention goes to the right things and you respond by your actions. That’s why people whose mind is silent are powerful and merciful, alert/active, and patient.


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The silent mind is a free mind

A silent mind doesn’t mean that you don’t have thoughts you’ve them but there’s no repetitive pattern of those thoughts. The thing to remember is you’re not responsible for your thoughts but you’re responsible for the repetitive thoughts. Experience, current environment, and current mental state are the factors that alter the thoughts that come into our minds. But the silent mind has the choice to just get rid of these shitty thoughts or indulge in them.


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The silent mind is full of self-respect

Years of research show that only 20 minutes of meditation per day can increase your self-awareness, self-control, and compassion and these are the things that together make up our self-respect. Because of compassion first, we forgive ourselves and vanish the guilt and then we forgive others.

Self-respect = self-awareness + self-control + compassion.


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“Mind is like water, when it's agitated it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”


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