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Life Force

by Tony Robbins

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“Where focus goes, energy flows.”


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Step 1: Decide and Get The Information You Need

The first step in any journey is to decide exactly what you want. So, before you move on to the rest of this summary, take a minute and think about what your ultimate physical state looks like.

Do you want to have more energy in your day to day activities? Do you want to increase your strength? Do you want to be more flexible and nimble? Do you want to feel youthful again?

Once you've decided what you want, the second step is to start gathering the information you need in order to help you on your journey.


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Start taking control of your physical health

Toxic Metals: a lot of the food we eat can cause dangerous levels to accumulate in your body

Hormones: keeping them in balance can make a huge difference in how you feel day over day

Cancer: a full body MRI can give you the best chance of knowing whether or not you have something to worry about

Heart: get a CCTA test done so you know exactly where your cardiovascular health is at, and the steps you need to take to stay heart healthy in the future

Alzheimer's: get a test to know whether or not you are genetically predisposed to this awful disease.


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Step 2: Dive Into The Latest dvances in medicine and science

Stem Cells: can help people regain their use of their arms and legs after strokes or severed spinal cords, helped people recover from injuries like torn ligaments, and leukemia

Anti-Aging Techniques: do some further research on lifespan and aging with the book Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair

Gene Therapy and CRISPR: gene editing techniques are helping to fix damaged hearts, restore impaired vision, eliminating Alzheimer's related anxiety, and has the potential to block the aging process itself

Focused Ultrasound: this incisionless brain surgery has the potential to heal Parkinson’s symptoms


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Step 3: Maximizing Energy and Regeneration

There are a lot of vitality increasing and lifespan extending remedies available

Hormone Optimization Therapy: optimal hormonal balance is critical to a healthy lifespan, and they can be supplemented to optimal levels, having a life-changing impact.

Peptides: these are bioactive molecules that build lean muscle mass and revitalize sexual desire and function in both men and women;

NAD+ supplements: these are helper molecules found in every cell in our body, but by middle age we have lost about half of our reserves. Taking supplements can help restore your energy and vitality.


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Step 4: Create a Plan for Sleep

It's critical to treat your sleep as important as your diet and exercise.

Here are two easy things to consider doing now:

  1. Schedule: schedule at least seven hours of sleep a night, and make it non-negotiable;
  2. Track: tracking the quality of your sleep with an AI device will give you feedback on how to improve it.


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Living Pain Free

It's estimated that 20% of the population will deal with some form of chronic pain during their lifetime.

Here are some things to consider exploring:

PEMF: pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, the impact of which has been demonstrated in thousands of studies;

Egoscue Method: this is a type of "postural therapy" which is designed to get rid of chronic pain that results from everything from sports injuries to car accidents;

Counterstrain: this is a painless and quick therapy that uses passive body positioning of spasmed muscles and dysfunctional joints towards positions of comfort;


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Step 5: Devise Your Maximum Longevity Lifestyle

Live foods: eating more whole and live foods, and cutting out processed foods (especially sugar) has a dramatic impact on your health.

Cut calories: in addition to eating healthier, it's likely that you should be eating less.

Hydration: increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounces to increate your hydration levels.

Breathing: consider using the 1-4-2 breathing pattern, where you inhale for 1 part, hold for 4 parts, and exhale for 2 parts, which will help you relax

Temperature shock: Tap into the power of heat and cold to give your body a healthy shock to extend your lifespan.


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Step 6: Creating Your Fitness Plan

Walk & Work: Can you take some of your calls while walking?

OsteoStrong: this is a machine and workout that strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system in a single workout that lasts less than 10min

Core Four:  focusing on a minimum of the following four exercises: squats, lunges, pushups, and planks.

Make it a Game: one of the best strategies for finding an exercise habit that sticks is to make it a game.

  • This wil Reduce risk of cancer by 40%
  • Lowers risk of having a stroke by 45%
  • Decrease risk of diabetes by 50%
  • Cut your risk of premature death from heart disease by 50%


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Step 7: Take Control of your Mind

Priming: most of us wake up sluggish and overwhelmed with what the day will hold. Priming can help you quickly break that pattern by adjusting your thoughts and emotions so you can start your day in a peak state. 

EFT/Tapping: this is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology

A Beautiful State:  When you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry, or upset, find something to be grateful for in the situation (really), and then get to work on solving it.


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7 steps you can take to create a transformation in your physical health