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The Ultimate Guide For Feng Shui Basics To Bring Peace, Harmony, And Abundance Into Your Life

The Ultimate Guide For Feng Shui Basics To Bring Peace, Harmony, And Abundance Into Your Life
Here are some important Feng Shui basics to create a calming and enriched environment that brings you more health, happiness and abundance.


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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng (wind) and Shui (water) is an ancient Chinese art, developed over thousands of years of careful experimentation and observation of nature and surroundings. It is a set of guidelines to balance physical environments, promote harmony and instill a sense of well-being, improving our health, wealth, career and relationships.

Feng Shui harmonizes and aligns invisible energy forces (chi or qi) that bind the universe, earth and humanity to each other.




History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui was one of the five Chinese arts dealing with metaphysics and space, and was known as physiognomy.

This was used to optimize and align the position of buildings, structures and spaces, taking into account the elements of nature.



Modern Feng Shui

Using tools like numbers, symbols, colours, textures and elements, modern Feng Shui practitioners identify spaces that are misaligned and adjust the energy flow to promote health, happiness and abundance.

The two schools of Feng Shui are The Three Gate Method (Form) and The Compass School.



The Three Gate Method

It analyzes the land, flow of wind, water and environmental factors like shape and space, finding a place with the ideal chi.

The five celestial animals, Phoenix, Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Turtle and Yellow Snake are taken into consideration, along with the natural elements(Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Metal and Space).

This method also takes into account the birth time and the yin-yang concept.



The Compass School

It is based on eight mansions or directions having a unique chi. It makes use of the electromagnetic forces and fields around us and calculates using a disc and a magnetic compass, seeing the forces invisible to the naked eye.

New constructions can make use of this method before starting.



Chi/Qi and The Elements

  • Qi/Chi: is an always moving life force energy, which has to have a constant flow with no blockages.
  • Natural Elements like Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Air, Space and Wood are to be balanced to create positive energy.



The Bagua

The Bagua

It is a chart which maps out the energy centres in space, matching it with our life’s journey. The Nine areas of our life that are mapped by The Bagua are:

  1. Power, and wealth
  2. Fame and Glory
  3. Love and Relationships
  4. Creativity and Children
  5. Travel and Helpful People.
  6. Career and Work
  7. Knowledge and Wisdom
  8. Family and Community
  9. Vitality and Health.



Feng Shui At Home

  • Shoes are to be outside your home, as it comes with a lot of negative energy.
  • Declutter your home to free all the stuck energy. Throw away the things you don’t need and embrace minimalism.
  • Doing a Havan (Fire Prayer) or burning sage can remove negative energy, sadness, fear, anger and spread positive energy, bringing new opportunities.
  • Open all doors and windows, inviting light and air inside your home.
  • Make your home beautiful and fill it with love energy.
  • Use ‘enhancers’ like specific items, coins or plants to channelize positive energy.



Colours Of Feng Shui

The right colour in Feng Shui promotes the right energy to emit from a space.

Soft colours promote calmness, and one’s personal preference plays an important role in making the environment positive and warm. Too much white can result in a cold ‘white occurrence’, blocking warm energy.



Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Positive nature sounds, melodies, bells and chimes add positive energy even to places where sunlight cannot reach.

Sounds of nature provide a soothing and calming effect on us and improve our breathing.



What We Think Matters

Any amount of tinkering with space and objects will not work if our inner intention isn’t pure and positive. There has to be an affirmative feeling emitting from our minds, which has to be free of doubt.

Healthy self-respect, consideration and empathy for others and a positive frame of mind makes chi work, otherwise, it is just hocus pocus!



Feng Shui And Success

The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is the blessing we get in our lives. When we breathe, live and work in peace and harmony, we get the life force energy that is required for our needs, goals and dreams. Life is then filled with prosperity, synchronicity, abundance, good health and happiness.

Many Feng Shui items are kept at home to attract wealth, like wealth crystals, laughing buddha, lucky cat and money tree.




Your Desk: The Optimal Choice

Your Desk: The Optimal Choice

The “sit-stand desk” is the optimal choice, because you can sit for a portion of the day and stand for the other portion.

Put your monitor high enough to keep your neck str...

Keeping An Organization

A cluttered desk sometimes triggers a cluttered mind. That's why everything should have its place, even if that place is just “the right-most stack.”

A desk system that matches your personal organization style saves both time and headache.

Organizing Our Worskapce: The Influence of Colors

  • Red accelerates the heart rate, giving you a jolt of energy. Your eye is instantly drawn to red, and it promotes physical activity and emotion.
  • Orange is a social color, encouraging interaction. It works well in meeting rooms or other social spaces.
  • Yellow stimulates creativity and optimism.
  • Green is calming, and also causes zero eye strain over long periods of time.
  • Blue is calming and stable, it helps most people focus on intensive tasks.
  • Purple stimulates problem solving, despite not being a very popular color in workspace decor.

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  • Check with your doctor before starting if you have a physical limitations or take medications that affect your balance.
  • Watch and take a class
  • If you'd rather learn at home, you can get tai chi books or videos.
  • Talk to the instructor. Experienced teachers who accommodate individual peculiarities are ideal.
  • Dress comfortably with nonrestrictive loose-fitting clothes.
  • You can practice barefoot or in lightweight and flexible shoes.
  • Most tai chi programs last at least 12 weeks, with instruction once or twice a week and practice at home. By then, you should know if you enjoy tai chi.