Create the following 2 folders:

  • Require Action besides simply responding.
  • Require Response. File emails here that you are unable to respond to immediately.

All other emails, once read, should go directly to their appropriate permanent files using rules.

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Unsubscribe from every list that doesn’t offer solid value for your business.

Interrupting a task with notifications leads to a loss of concentration and a decline in productivity levels.

Feel free to set up an autoresponder re-directing all urgent matters to your phone.

  • What’s the main point of your email? 
  • What action do you want the recipient to take? 
  • What critical facts do you need to get across in your email?

Give yourself a limit to the length of your response and stick to it. 

Rules are automatic actions your email software will take depending on what guidelines you’ve set up.

Choose a couple of times during the day when you’ll deal with your email. 

Empty your inbox

Make sure you bring your inbox count down to zero so you can start fresh the next morning.

Any messages that still need to be dealt with should be either moved or responded to.

Create email signatures ready to go to save time and annoyance when you’re composing or responding to emails.

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