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Synopsis of the 10 ideas routine: write down 10 brand new ideas every single day about anything you want.

This builds your idea muscle which makes you more creative. More creativity makes idea execution easier because you have more good ideas.



Spend a moderate amount of time working on your side business each day.

Even if you don’t have dreams of becoming a true entrepreneur, you should spend a dedicated amount of time each day building some sort of side business or creative project.

Most of you would like to build a business that replaces your job or at least is able to learn a skill that helps you switch careers.

Skills like:

  • Persuasion — when you learn how to persuade others, you understand how others try to persuade you, which helps you build defenses against bad actors.
  • Adaptability — when you get paid the same amount of money regardless of your effort and output, you’re training yourself to operate below your potential.
  • Confidence building through feedback loops — Anytime you do something well, you get a little subconscious signal put into your brain that says “you’re a winner” this makes it easier to perform and win the next time around, creating an upward spiral of success.



The point of meditation is to understand how bat shit crazy your mind is.

When you sit there and observe just how many and how outrageous your thoughts are, you get better at controlling your thoughts and emotions throughout your day to day life.

When you’re better at controlling your thoughts and emotions throughout your day to day life, you can make more progress toward your goals because you’re not constantly getting tripped up by your thoughts.

The more you practice meditation, which again is just observation, you learn to observe your thoughts in real-time, question them, and then sometimes be able to get go of them right on the spot.



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