Polymaths, geniuses with diverse skillsets and varied interests, are the source of some of history's greatest contributions.

Giants like Aristotle, Galileo, and Leonardo da Vinci were specialized in not one, but several domains, and handled a problem with a diverse inventory of mental knowledge and understanding.

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A polymath sees the world with a unique perspective, making connections that are not apparent to others.

Early polymaths had the advantage of a wide-open field, and went deep in their disciplines, yielding branches and sub-branches of specializations. Deep down, these different branches lead to the same trunk and roots.

Polymaths differ from specialists, as they are on to a highway that is getting wider, and specialists are parked in a spot that is getting deeper.

Polymaths have the advantage of learning new fields of study, and forming new connections, while specialists start having a narrow vision by going deep, learning less. The learning ability of the polymath is the required skill-set of the future.

The current age is abundant with knowledge like no other before, and this is powerful and distracting at the same time. It is a good idea to develop your senses.

Due to the technology breakthroughs of recent times, more and more people are poised to be at the intersection of different and varied disciplines. The world is getting integrated, and those of us who can absorb this unification will thrive.

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