The virus outbreak has people stirred up in anxiety, with canceling of travel plans and events the world over. 

In this ongoing public health emergency, it is easy to overreact, as things remain unclear and potentially dangerous.


How to Distinguish Between a Public Safety Crisis and a Personal Anxiety

Fear of the unknown, causing anxiety, can be helped by deep breaths or just a reminder that uncertainty is a part of life.

Practicing mindfulness (or meditation), focusing on the present moment, can relieve symptoms of anxiety.


Too much panic-inducing news can cause unnecessary alarm and anxiety. It is advisable to stay clear of fake news and implausible claims on social media.

At the same time, it is also important to know the essential updates, like the recommended social distancing and events being canceled.


  • See if you can work from home if there is an outbreak in your area.
  • In case you are sick, consult your manager and check the company's sick leave policy.
  • If schools are closed, arrange for daycare for your children if you cannot stay at home.
  • Practice good hygiene, and stay ready and positive in this significant evolving story of our times.


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