Confirmation Bias: Selective Spotlighting That Is Inevitable

Confirmation bias is a common tendency to self-promote and validate our own beliefs. Most controversial issues have people who are for or against the given topic, and tend to look at points that support their existing belief patterns.

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel prize winning psychologist states that though we can be provided with tools to be aware of the cognitive errors and biases in humans, we are still unable to fix our own.


Bias is Inescapable | Scott H Young

We form mental models of learning, and see any new information based on our pre-existing belief patterns, assumptions, and education, forming a framework of information in our minds.

The new information could easily be rejected if it does not integrate into the existing framework.


  • We must learn to recognize and identify the cognitive action of always being biased.
  • Our prior beliefs are put into everything we see, read or hear, and we make matters worse by only reading our own viewpoint, rejecting something that is not agreeing with our existing framework of information.
  • One needs to jump to the other side of the shore and develop a good understanding of the counter beliefs and things we do not expose ourselves with.
  • Having a mild disagreement is okay if you are talking to someone who is outside your intellectual social circle, as long as you enlighten yourself with a viewpoint not seen before.


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