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5 Ironclad Ways to Be A More Genuine Friend | Wealthy Gorilla

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5 Ironclad Ways to Be A More Genuine Friend | Wealthy Gorilla
"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant."' Before we begin, let us first understand why becoming a genuine friend is important at all! The answer is pretty simple.


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“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant.”



Don't Gossip

Most of us want to be popular and resort to tactics like showing of and gossiping. The long term affects of being a gossip monger (losing trust and respect) outweigh any short term popularity you g...


Don't judge your friends

Most of our judgments towards our friends are wrong, and doing so leads to you being judged wrongly too.

Do not form opinions and pass judgments (not even mentally) and be happy to see your f...


Be a mystery

Be mysterious and surprising, and not an open book to your friends.

You become more likable and sought after, and meeting you is more fun for your friends too.


Be the peacemaker

Diplomacy and restraint go a long way and while it's obvious we should avoid fights, we can push that further to become peacemakers. Ensure any group conflicts are sorted out by actively driving ev...


Don't forget about yourself

Take care of yourself. Work towards your health, expertise, skills, and hobbies and be a positive example in your group. Make efforts to be happy and healthy in a progressive way and thi...



Essential for our survival

Friendships need to be carefully acquired to avoid negative influences. Friendships need a continuous effort that can be difficult to manage. They will go through ups and downs and will be subject ...

Advantages of friendships

Friendships create diversity. Your chances of dealing with certain problems are increased if you have friends with different skillsets.

  • For instance, the death of a partner. Your survival is dependent on having close friends who can support you through difficult times.
  • Friends with different interests, strengths, and weaknesses provide a safe space to help us test our ideas and develop our character.
  • Friends with different talents can help us realize our own potential.
  • Our life expectancy increases with a network of reliable friends.

A key component of success

If friendship becomes another checkbox on your to-do list, you're probably going to miss out on good friendships.

If we put in some effort into learning how to become a good friend, the rest will come easier. With friendships, we live longer, with more laughter, less fear, and a higher quality of life.

The importance of friends

Having a weak circle of friends carries the same risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Researchers suggest that the core factors in a happy life are the number of friends, the closeness of f...

Reconnect with old friends

You have probably met a large number of friends through just a handful of people. Those are your superconnectors. Rekindle those friendships and ask them if there is anyone you should meet.

Connecting to people

Don’t be interesting. Be interested.

  • Listen to people and ask them to tell you more. 
  • When they mention something you have in common, point it out.
  • Be enthusiastic and encouraging.

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Understanding friendships

Understand why some friends stay for years, while others fade away after a few months, or weeks. 

If you understand the nature of the friendship you have with a person, you can better...

Simple Friendships

  • Associate:  The relationship revolves around that specific thing, and you barely ever talk about anything else.
  • Useful Contact: With this type of friend, you exchange useful information, job opportunities, industry news, you introduce each other to people, exchange tips on good deals, etc. But, you don’t discuss personal matters with each other.
  • Favor Friend: This the type of friendship you could have with a nice colleague or neighbor. You help each other with the simple stuff.
  • Fun Friend: This is the type of friend that makes you take yourself less seriously. The friendship doesn’t require a lot of investment from you; it’s just about relaxing, having a drink, partying, laughing, etc. 
  • Helpmate

    This is like having two simple friendships in one; you socialize with this person, and you help each other as well. 

    This one you can ask for lifts to the airport, and call during emergencies like car accidents. You don’t rely on your helpmate for emotional support.

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    Support, trust, and honesty

    Friendships are built on mutuality and reciprocity — be there for her, so that she will be there for you.

    If you can’t be straight with her or feel the need to hide your actions...

    Listen to your friends

    Friendships require attention and tending — if we don’t truly know what a friend needs, and if we don’t clearly state what we’re feeling or needing ourselves, friendships just won’t survive.

    Ditch the judgment

    Assume the best and give your friend the benefit of the doubt. If you’re quick to assume the worst and ready to lay down blame, you’re not going to be the kind of friend that anyone wants for the long haul. 

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    Be opportunistic

    Learn to notice opportunities for potential friends. 
    We let many friendship opportunities pass us by because we feel awkward or too shy. Instead of small talk, invite them for coffe...

    Make yourself vulnerable

    We have to put our fears aside that someone might not like us or may have too many friends already.

    If you like someone you meet, ask to swap numbers and follow through with an invitation to socialize.

    Start by doing an activity together

    Suggest an activity that you can do together. It will anchor your time together and give you something to focus on or talk about.

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    Be Kind to Strangers

    Kindness towards an individual goes a long way.

    You can help strangers on the street, help the old lady cross the busy road, or give your seat in the Subway to a needy person.

    Be Kind to the environment

    Kindness towards the environment can be done in simple ways:

    • Reducing or eliminating your meat intake
    • Using solar energy for every day tasks rather than appliances
    • Carpooling
    • Saving water.

    Be Kind to Humanity

    Do not gossip or spread slander. Negative information coming from you, no matter how securely or secretly, has a way to ruin your relations and career.

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    Likeability is a quick judgment

    We make judgments about someone’s likeability, trustworthiness and competence after seeing their face for less than a tenth of a second.

    Making snap judgments might determine who we vote for....

    Put on a happy face

    A happier face conveys trustworthiness. People will consider a smiling face as more trustworthy, warmer and sociable.

    Not all is lost if your first impression has not been as good as you hoped. If you can impress someone afterwards, they will often not remember their first impression of you.

    Direct your charm

    Charm is defined as your likability - how pleasant it is to interact with you.

    And it is possible to train yourself to be charming.

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    We see things differently

    We see things differently

    Two people can look at the exact same situation and see it completely differently.

    We see life as we are, not as it is

    There is no objective reality when it comes to people.

    Facts may be facts, but our viewpoint and our vantage point impact our ability to process the facts. We look at life through our own personal filters, our own past experiences, beliefs, and paradigms.

    Giving in relationships

    If you do something for someone just because they did it for you or you want something back, you are doing business, not kindness.

    If you choose to give 300 percent, then go for it, regardless of what others give you in return.

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    Friend-zoning is a notion that men and women have different perspectives.

    Men are more frequently attracted to their opposite-sex friends, even if they state that it's just a platonic rela...

    We Don't Know Ourselves

    A recent study showed that men overestimate how good-looking they are to women. Women, on the other hand, think they are less attractive to men, which is not the case.

    People who think they are highly attractive may incorrectly assume that the other person is sexually interested in them.

    Taking The Lead

    Men look for signs or attraction more than women do, like it has always been. Men initiate the love and take the lead, deciding to move out of a platonic relationship faster than women.

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    Build deeper friendships

    • Evaluate your relationships and find out which friendships need a deeper connection.
    • Make plans that encourage conversation like going to an art exhibit, taking a class, ...