... is the method of treating those who suffer from emotional and psychological problems.

This method of treatment isn't exactly brand new and contrary from popular belief it wasn't invented during the 20th century.

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The ancient Greeks may not have been the best at treating mental illnesses but they did believe in the value of encouragment and consolation. They were the first to identify mental illnesses as an actual medical condition.

Some physicians, even after the fall of the Roman Empire, continued the support of psychotheraphy like Paraclesus who advocated the treatment of the insane.

Walter Cooper Dendy and Sigmund Freud were the most conspicuous during these times the former having coined "psychotherapeia" while the latter developed "psychoanalysis".

The growth of American psychology eventually led to new and more active therapies that involved a better understanding of human behavior.

Everything evolves as time passes by and the practice of psychotherapy was not an exception. Many more practices have emerged such as cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy, and even eclectic therapy.

As the practice becomes more available to a wider audience, the trend is to have a brief session of therapy that is designed specifically suited to the patient for specific problems.

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