Birth Order And Personality
  • It was only recently when researchers discovered that there is a connection between our birth order and personality traits.
  • Our birth order affects our choices of friends and romantic relationships - firstborns tend to hang out more with firstborns and so on and so forth.
  • However, there is further research to be done to prove that there is any correlation between one's birth order and one's characteristics.
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Despite popular belief, our core personalities don't change as we grow old. We think that aging changes us but what really changes are our habits, our vigor, and health, the responsibilities, and the circumstances that we are in.

There are three aspects that also tend to change as we age such as anxiety levels, friendliness, and eagerness for a novel experience.

A statistical method was approached when researching the traits that are linked to certain illnesses and discovered that there is a connection between neurotic personality traits and five illnesses such as headaches, asthma, arthritis, peptic ulcers, and heart diseases.

Examples of neurotic personality traits:

  • The need for affection and approval
  • The need for a partner who will take over one’s life
  • The need for perfection and unassailability.
Animals Have Personalities

Nearly every species of animal has its own personality, preferences, quirks, and behavior that persist throughout their life.

It has been understood that despite criticisms, animal researchers have identified consistent behavioral patterns that can be measured and tested.

It has been greatly debated whether how many personality traits exist in the past and many personality researchers today support the five-factor theory of personality.

The five core personality traits that we are composed of are:

  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Openness.

Personality plays a dominant role in our growth, from our taste in music to our choices of relationships and our personality basically influences every decision we make in our day to day lives.

Even in political preferences, it's been studied that those who establish themselves as conservatives are conforming to orderliness while liberals were described as having a higher level of empathy.

Our social media accounts such as our Facebook profiles convey our personalities accurately.

Researchers believe that the ability to be able to freely express one's personality online contributes to the person's online popularity because it allows the audience to know the person, it satisfies the need to be known by others, and profile viewers feel that they can trust the information they get from social network profiles while instilling confidence in themselves as well.

  1. Genetics
  2. Relationship with peers
  3. High Sensitivity
  4. Verbal Abuse
  5. Childhood Trauma.

Our personalities are composed of central and secondary traits. These are traits that make up the core foundation of our personalities and the latter is related to our preferences, attitudes, and situational behaviors.

Cardinal traits, however, are rare. A cardinal trait is usually the trait that dominates our lives and how we are identified. These traits are tied to an individual's personality that the person almost becomes synonymous with that quality. For example: Einstein = Genius; Machiavelli = Ruthlessness.

Dog-persons and cat-persons are actual indicators of personality.

Researchers discovered that those individuals that identify themselves as dog-persons are more extroverted and they are eager to please people, while those who prefer cats tend to be more introverted and curious.

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