• Don't bring your phone or laptop into the meeting.
  • Bring coffee and water to your meeting to keep your hands busy while you listen.
  • Develop a meditation practice where you notice your wandering thoughts and bring them back to the present.
  • Try to gamify your focus. Add a tally mark for every 5 minutes you stay focused.
  • Team up with a buddy and make a game of keeping each other focused.
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Creating a productive meeting culture

Most of us will struggle to stay focused during very long meetings - our attention is going to wander after an hour.
Long meetings could be a sign of failure of leadership to run efficient meetings. To change that, consider these questions:

  • Can a meeting be split into multiple smaller sessions focusing on specific topics relevant to everyone attending?
  • Can meetings happen regularly?
  • Can there be a 15-minute coffee break included every hour?
  • Could some of the information be conveyed in writing instead of in the meeting?
  • Can attendance be optional?

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