Self-acceptance. | It's Not Just About The Money - Deepstash

How much you criticise yourself? How much are you trying tomake yourself better by scrutinising every effort and every good thing you make? How much are you dissatisfied with yourself and your doings?

Wanting to be better, working on becoming a better version of yourself is great. And everyone who knows this and who does this is worthy to look at and copying. Furthermore, you, yourself should be proud of having the strength and eagerness to do this.

What can you do about that? Firstly, accept that you are a human and your best friend. Secondly, accept that you might fail, make something wrong, take a wrong path, and this is ok. Lastly, prise yourself for all the good and positive acts and achievements.

This will give you power, willingness and motivation to do even more on your way to become the best version of yourself. Moreover, this will make you happier in your life. And that’s the key to a better and more satisfying life, and to faster improvements of yourself. To enjoying it and living it the way you like, and the way that makes you fill fulfil.


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