When We Identify With Our Job

Most of us when asked ‘so what do you do?’ at a typical party conversation end up describing our job profile and the work that we do, as it makes up our main identity, and sometimes the only identity we have.

Our career takes up most of our time and energy, but only defining oneself professionally is limiting and even diminishing our self-identity.

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  1. It limits you to a single identity.
  2. It gives an incomplete and shallow picture of you to others.
  3. It doesn’t leave room for connections and serendipity.
  4. It leads to burnout as we keep running the same treadmill of work and start to think we are only something because of it.

Next time you are meeting a stranger or a party attendee, describe yourself with something less career-oriented, like how you spend your free time, what is it that you are really proud of, or what you do during your weekends.

This can lead to authentic and stimulating conversations, and remind you that you aren’t just your job.

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Self Improvement


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