Stop chasing an impossible Ideal

We set up ideals that are often so far ahead from where we are right now that the ideal feel impossible to achieve.

This future ideal has been set up without really thinking about them, without really being engaged and inspired by getting to this ideal.

Start measuring your progress from the present day back to where you started from rather than measuring forward.

When you measure backwards you’ll see how much progress you’ve actually made.


4 Simple Steps to Overcome ProcrastinationPick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

You get down on yourself and question why you aren’t where you want to be.

To help you overcome procrastination, don’t compare yourself to others. Get clear on your goals and stay on your own path.

Celebrate every success you have and step back and express gratitude for what you’ve achieved every day.

Perfectionism and having a comparison mindset can create instant paralysis and procrastination.



When you don’t have clarity around your future direction and have specific, measurable goals to work towards you are far more liable to procrastinate.

You won’t know what to do next or what path to follow.

This can leave you feeling confused, stuck and powerless which creates procrastination.

To overcome procrastination, set out ambitious but realistic goals that include your objectives and some concrete ways to reach them.


When you’re not clear why you’re doing what you’re doing – what your purpose is, then it can be very easy to get stuck, and start procrastinating.

When you get stuck, step back and ask yourself, “Why do I want to reach this goal again?” and write down your reasons.

Reconnecting with your bigger purpose will always help you overcome procrastination as you will be intellectually engaged and emotionally invested.


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