Defining Mindset

Mindset is a determined set of attitudes, beliefs, in which guide the individual's life either fulfilling their potential or hindering them from it.

It is the engine behind the process of how we pursue our goals, our perspective in life, and the behaviors we exhibit towards other people and society.

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  1. Meta - this mindset level encompasses our attitude towards the world. Our perspective in life is fundamentally based on this level including the work we do, and our perception of our roles in life.
  2. Macro - this mindset level focuses on our mental disciplines to put our personal and business mission into motion.
  3. Micro - this mindset level is what produces the concrete steps necessary to create a viable and sustainable roadmap for our projects and future ventures.

These five key focuses are the core outcomes that many leaders and entrepreneurs seek to achieve for both personal and business successes:

  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Meaningful Contribution
  • Innovation
  • Resilience & Scalable Growth
  • Financial Robustness.

Each focus requires a specific mindset pattern in order to further develop and continuously assess one's current mindset in order to adjust theirs to better support their goals.

  1. Eradicate the belief that mindset is a pattern that is difficult to change.
  2. Determine what your current focus is.
  3. Explore and ascertain your meta mindset. Identify the journey that you are on and whether or not you're willing to continue the said journey.
  4. Delve into what your micro mindset is.

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Self Improvement


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