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"Your ability to rethink and unlearn matters far more than raw intelligence."

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The Founder Syndrome is when one who has overgeneralized the wrong lesson when he betted against the consensus, thus admitting to themselves that they have better judgment.

The approach to take in situations stated above is to analyze the reason why we were right and why others were wrong. It is important to attribute your success to something specific instead of following your intuition blindly.

Being overly confident is a double-edged sword. In order to curb this, we must give ourselves at least one reason why we might end up wrong.

When forming an opinion, we can ask ourselves "what would have to happen in order to prove myself or my opinion wrong?" This gives us the opportunity to analyze our opinion and the possibility of a fresh perspective.

No matter how self-aware we are and how conscious we are in making decisions, we are still unlikely to see all of our blindspots. To help with this, forming a team of employees you trust who are willing to challenge you can help you ensure that honest feedback will be given.

Disagreeable people often give honest feedback because they operate in a psychologically safe environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities instead of facing repercussions.

When we learn to consider our ideas, conclusions, or theories to be provisional or as something that can be changed or proven wrong later on, we are then less likely to commit to a losing strategy.

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