When Movie Trailers Give Away The Entire Movie

Movie studios spend millions marketing their product and show multiple versions of trailers to test audiences before releasing the final set of trailers that, more often than not, have the entire movie spelt out for the audience.

This technique is a necessary evil and has become a mainstay of Hollywood trailers despite intense criticism.

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The reasons movie studios give out major plot points in their trailers:

  1. The audience likes to see in advance what they would be paying to see.
  2. Big moments evoke a strong audience response and are therefore memorable.
  3. Major plot points being revealed in the trailer makes the audience understand the product better, and makes the movie familiar and likeable, with no surprises.
  4. Trailers (with the entire movie packed in three minutes) are targeted at people who may not be so tuned in and would decide on watching the movie after seeing the promo.

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