The Psychological Appeal of Clubhouse

Clubhouse feels like a cross between WhatsApp and LinkedIn or a fluid and participatory podcast. With Clubhouse you can move from room to room, listen or speak and find people with like interests, but you can’t see or text.

There are a lot of professional reasons for joining Clubhouse, especially if you’ve something to sell. Still, Clubhouse’s popularity is fueled as much by innate human drives as economics or lofty intellectualism.


The Psychological Appeal of Clubhouse (Does it Work for Brands?) | DR. PAM RUTLEDGE | MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY

The Psychology Behind Clubhouse
  • Exclusivity. It’s much safer to be “in” than “out.” Exclusivity not only drives interest and desire; once you are “in,” you can relish in the sense of superiority it confers.
  • Illusions of authority. Each room (conversation) has moderators. They are on the “stage,” which triggers metaphors of performance, giving those on the stage an aura of authority.
  • Emotional Resonance. Without the distraction of video, you hear a lot more in voice which creates a sense of intimacy and connectedness. 


Considerations For Clubhouse Individual Users

As with every new app, the only way to figure out if it is of value to you is to 1) try it and 2) figure out your goals to see if spending time and effort on the app helps or hurts.

  • You can link your Clubhouse membership to Instagram and Twitter so people can contact you directly. 
  • Good news, bad news. If someone is in your address book and you are a member, you will get the notice to invite them.
  • You can only change your username once.
  • There is no recording within Clubhouse. 


Considerations for Brands On Clubhouse

Clubhouse may not be the friendliest place for brands, particularly those with the hard-sell model. 

The halo effect is very real when brands back the wrong horse. Negativity sticks to the brands a lot longer than it does to an Influencer who made a mess in the first place. 

Other types of social media are curated and edited. Clubhouse is live. Just because it’s not recorded doesn’t mean things heard there won’t spread, especially given the structural links with Twitter and Instagram.


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