Be Prepared To Market Like Mad

Prepared strategy is very important. 2 main steps to kick-start :

  1. First, I would put the book for free on a Saturday because most people will have free time to download and read.
  2. Second, I would post about it on my Instagram to get my followers' attention and hope other people would share (which they did in their stories).


1,000 People Downloaded My Amazon Book in a Day

Showing Your Face is Important for Social Media Marketing
  1. After describing why I put it up for free for a few days for mental health awareness week, I shared it in my story.
  2. Not only this, but I showed my face.
  3. Showing your face in your stories is crucial for more interaction and in the video, I stated how to download it and that you don’t need a kindle to download it — only need to download the app for free on any device.


Lay Out Steps Clearly
  1. If you noticed, I also didn’t provide a link to the book in the actual post as people cannot click on this link.
  2. Instead, I provided the link in my bio as the top link in my link tree and also posted on my story of how to get there.
  3. You see, on social media, you have to really lay out every step the people need to take to get your product — otherwise, they won’t.
  4. People are lazy, especially on social media.


Post Instantly
  1. In an age of instant gratification, we want things now, and the same applies to buying products via social media which we are used to scrolling through day and night with the odd click here and there.
  2. That means you must post instantly with your post. Don’t just put a post up and leave it, but nurture it.
  3. It is like a plant — you must water and feed and touch it so it grows. The same applies to your following and to this marketing business!


Steps Summary

In summary, these are the steps I took to put my free book out there:

  1. Posted on Instagram and tagged many people to share it
  2. Put the link in my bio
  3. Posted on my story
  4. Went live on my story to tell people how to download it

With those four steps, I thought my job was done. It wasn’t.


Focus Where Your Followers Are
  1. OK, so if you are most active on Instagram, as I am, then I would put the main focus there.
  2. Basically, put your focus where your followers are.
  3. Remember, they're not just followers, but people who respect and buy from you.
  4. So for me, that is on Instagram. As a coach and yoga teacher as well as writer, I gain most traction through my Instagram.


Use All Social Media Platforms Too
  1. Don’t forget there are other social media platforms not to forget about, such as Facebook.
  2. I made a Facebook group recently. In my Facebook group, only I can post. I usually post gratitude posts as the group is called Gratitude Attitude — made to make people more grateful and happier!
  3. So I decided to post in there because it is a mental health book that will make you more grateful and giving.
  4. To my surprise, I had some people that I didn’t know respond.
  5. I then pasted the link to my book on the post for everyone else to see it but also responded individually to the comments.


Post in Other Facebook Groups
  1. Aside from my Facebook group, I also posted in other Facebook groups, but be careful not to spam.
  2. I am a part of many Facebook groups because I am an author and writer and there are many groups that support you. It’s wonderful really as you get to meet many other authors and make friends with them too.
  3. I have been using these groups in the lead-up to releasing my book and posting links to my books there.
  4. I have also used these groups to make friends and support fellow authors by reading other authors' books and reviewing them.


Steps To Make Your Book Available for Free on Amazon

Firstly, be wary that you only have five days free — great marketing technique already.

OK, here we go:

  1. Go to your Amazon KDP.
  2. Click on the dots next to the book you want to promote.
  3. Select promote and advertise.
  4. On this page, select free book promotion and hit create.
  5. Select dates for your free promo.
  6. Press save changes— your book will be for free!

Once you decide the dates you want to promote your book, remember to promote your book on your social media too and get people involved!

It always helps when you ask readers who have already read your book to put it in their stories on Instagram too.


Summary of all Steps for 1,000 People to Download Your Book

In summary, the things to do for 1,000 people to download your book are:

  1. Be prepared to market like mad.
  2. Use all social media platforms.
  3. Be wary of spamming.


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